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We offer many scheduled and special events to help your child grow physically, educationally and socially. Listed below are the regular activities offered by Baker Youth Club.

  • Homework Helpers Program
  • K-3 Reading Program
  • Free After-School Snack
  • Free Dinner
  • Adult Mentors
  • Life Skills teaching
  • Physical Activities
  • STEM Projects
  • Lego and Chess Club
  • Board Games
  • Art & Crafts



Club Rules

We have put the following rules in place so that your child may have a safe and FUN year while still being a responsible club member.



  • There is no foul/bad language (cussing) or name calling used at the club.
  • Baker Youth Club has ZERO tolerance of fighting and/or bullying.
  • RESPECT  all other club members and staff.
  • Breaking/stealing equipment will not be tolerated and will require payment for replacement. RESPECT the facility.
  • Leaving the club and then returning later is not permitted.
  • Playing in the restrooms or locker rooms is not allowed.
  • No weapons or drugs, including guns, knives, lighters, matches, etc. will be tolerated.
  • Discipline can be a verbal warning, thinking time, cleaning of items (trash pick up, window washing, etc.) or removal from Baker Youth Club (this is for a serious offense or repeated discipline problems) at the director’s discretion.


Thank you for following the rules at Baker Youth Club!